To start with, what is a Shortcut Web? Generally, people think it is a website that hosts sorted links on it so that people may find what they're looking for from there easily. 1.) But why can't people just add their favourite links using the inbuilt favourite links panel of their web browser? 2.) Or even create a desktop shortcut for their favourite websites?

1. The new generation may be tech-savvy, but not for the oldies. Apparently many internet users don't even know their browsers have an inbuilt link collection. Even if they know about it, a long list of site links will soon prove to be counter-productive when you find yourself searching for the right link in a pile of "right links".

2. A few shortcuts on the desktop would be fine; A bunch of them will fill up your desktop, slow your computer down, and give you a pain in the eye.


The answer to this, yes you've guessed it, is shortcut webs! With a shortcut web, all the links are set up in an organized manner. Most importantly, the links are hosted on the website, meaning your computer is free from some serious link stuffing.

But what's the setback? There must be, since not a lot of people are using shortcut webs. Well, the major problem with shortcut webs is that the links hosted on the web are determined by the web owner. In other words, it is not your shortcut web, but some other people's comprehensive shortcut collection. Comprehensive, yes, but your favourite site can still be left out.


THE ANSWER to all that! YES, there is actually one, and it just recently came about, is With a free account on the website, you can customize a space given to you for the adding of web shortcuts. Even better, the shortcuts are presented as iconic buttons. You don't need to read website names, just identify the logo and off you go!

BUT what's the setback? There must be, since......I bothered to write another "BUT" paragraph. Yes, unfortunately, if your favourite site is not in their database, you'll need to submit a request to their admin team. Why the trouble? Because they'll need to make an iconic button for your requested website! And that there are countless websites out there that are waiting to be added...... I guess waiting for requests is quite a reasonable model. Another down-side is that deep links are not allowed. Meaning you can only add links that are considered as that website's home page. This should be due to legal issues.


But but..... is it really necessary to use a customizable shortcut web? Maybe you don't feel the need now, but with so many new websites being made everyday (All thanks to the rising numbers of cyber-multi-millionaires), soon enough your list of favourite sites will be too overwhelming.


So why not check out this Customizable Shortcut Web yourself?

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